Desk & Interface

Solid State Logic AWS924

Apogee Symphony MkII 32x32


Genelec 1238A's

Quested 2108's

Yamaha NS10's (powered by Quad 405)

Avantone's (powered by Quad 405)


Neve 1073 DPA preamps

Neve 2254 pair

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Alan Smart C2

Distressor ELS (Pair)

Mic List (Courtesy of The Dairy)

Neumann U87 x5

Neumann U47 FET x2

Neumann 140 x2

Neumann 143

Soundelux Elux 251 x2

Brüel & Kjær 4006 x2

Coles 4038 x2

Calrec CM15 Reference Mic

AKG C414 x2

Sontronics Sigma Ribbon

Beyer Dynamic M201 x3

Sennheiser MD421 x5

ElectroVoice RE20 x2

Shure SM56

Shure SM57 x7

Shure SM58

Shure SM7B x2

NS10 Sub Kick x2