The Milk Parlour

Control Room

Dean's been based at The Dairy Studios in Brixton for around 9 years now where he has tweaked and tuned his room creating the truest, flattest sound where the mixes translate the same on any other system. Monitoring with the Quested 2108's, or Genelec 1238a's, with the standard NS10s through Solid State Logic's AWS924 using Apogee's Symphony MKII interface you can't get a much truer, cleaner sound. Mixing with Pro-Tools and programming on Logic X there is huge versatility in mix and production.


Recently kitted out with some tasty outboard modules and access to The Dairy's plentiful microphone list. 

You can now rent out the studio independently from Dean for either writing, mixing or recording. Contact now to find very competitive prices.

Live Room